# S-132 Firmware Install & Console Logs

# Full install

A full install is useful for:

  • initializing a new (blank) ESP32-WROVER module for the S-132
  • returning an S-132 to "factory defaults" based on the latest firmware
    • ie. this process will clear any values you have previously saved to the NVRAM


This tool can also be used to view the console log of the ESP32, useful for trouble-shooting


  • click the CONNECT button (below)
  • chose your serial port/device
  • click on LOGS & CONSOLE on the Device Dashboard


When you click INSTALL THE FULL S-132 IMAGE This will erase the entire flash on the ESP32 and install the indicated build of the S-132 firmware

It is completely safe, however, you will loose any settings you have saved to NVRAM


This install process is not suitable for the ESP32-WROVER-E module at this time.

If you have an ESP32-WROVER-E you must use the Espressif esptool.py and espefuse.py tools to setup and install the firmware to be compatible with the S-132

# Note:

  • The DEVICE RESET function on the LOGS & CONSOLE screen does not work with the S-132
  • When you click INSTALL on the Confirm Installation dialog
    • it will say Preparing installation and wait for the ESP32 to enter bootloader mode
    • you will need to manually set the ESP32 into bootloader mode by:
      • pressing both the Reset and Prog buttons on the S-132, together
      • release the Reset button first, and about 1 second later
      • release the Prog button
  • If you abort an install by pressing the <ESC> key on you keyboard you may not be able to reconnect to the ESP32, with a message about the serial port is already open. You will need to reload the web page to release the serial port
Last Updated: 1/21/2023, 1:00:34 AM