# S-132

Powered by an ESP32: S-100 + ESP32 = S-132

V1.5 pre-production

Pictured with USB-HID keyboard connected (red interface PCB) and DC power supplied via barrel jack

# Overview

The S-132 is an add-on for both the IMSAI8080 and the Cromemco Z-1 replicas.

It adds many I/O features normally provided by additional cards on the S-100 bus. It connects to the Patch header on the IMSAI8080 or Cromemco Z-1 replica and produces output on a VGA monitor with support for either a PS/2 or USB-HID keyboard.

With the S-132 attached to the IMSAI8080 or Cromemco Z-1 replica you have all the functionality of the following S-100 attached devices, without the need to use the Web Desktop:

Additionally, the S-132 adds a System Menu (SYS:) where you can

  • mount/eject disk images from the 4 emulated floppy disk drives (DSK:A: - DSK:D:)
  • view and control the Run/Stop/Reset/Ext.Clr state of the front panel (CPA:)
  • view all the system information normally found in the SYS: device on the Web Desktop

Lastly, the S-132 has a DC barrel jack and a selectable LM7805 5V regulator allowing you the option of powering your IMSAI8080/Cromemco Z-1, along with the S-132, from a standard DC power supply (from 5V to 12V).

# Functions

Each function of the S-132 can be selected by a keyboard hot-key (as with the Linux console on a PC)

  • <ctrl><alt><F1> = TTY: - VT132 terminal emulator
  • <ctrl><alt><F2> = TTY2: - Cromemco Z-1 only
  • <ctrl><alt><F3> = TTY3: - Cromemco Z-1 only
  • <ctrl><alt><F4> = VIO: - IMSAI VIO character display - IMSAI8080 only
  • <ctrl><alt><F5> = DZLR: - IMSAI Dazzler graphics display
  • <ctrl><alt><F6> = SYS: - System Menu to:
    • view/eject/mount floppy disks
    • view floppy disk library image list
    • view system state for the guest/host/environment/tasks & config files
    • set S-132 specific settings
  • <ctrl><alt><F7> = D7AIO: - Cromemco D+7A Input/Output display
  • <ctrl><alt><F9> = CPA: - RUN - lift CP-A frontpanel switch to the RUN position
  • <ctrl><alt><F10> = CPA: - STOP - press CP-A frontpanel switch to the STOP position
  • <ctrl><alt><F11> = CPA: - RESET - lift CP-A frontpanel switch to the RESET position
  • <ctrl><alt><F12> = CPA: - EXT.CLR - press CP-A frontpanel switch to the EXT.CLR position

# Availability

The S-132 is currently in pre-production testing and should be available before March 2023

While you are waiting, checkout the introductory video

# Configuration (draft)

# Bill-of-Materials (draft)

# Firmware Install & Console Log

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