# VT132 Firmware Install & Console Logs

# Full install

A full install is useful for:

  • initializing a new (blank) ESP32-WROVER module for the VT132
  • returning a VT132 to "factory defaults" based on the latest firmware
    • ie. this process will clear any values you have previously saved to the NVRAM including Wi-Fi network details.


This tool can also be used to view the console log of the ESP32, useful for trouble-shooting


  • click the CONNECT button (below)
  • chose your serial port/device
  • click on LOGS & CONSOLE on the Device Dashboard


When you click INSTALL THE FULL VT132 IMAGE This will erase the entire flash on the ESP32 and install the indicated build of the VT132 firmware

It is completely safe, however, you will loose any settings you have saved to NVRAM including Wi-Fi network details.


This install process is not suitable for the ESP32-WROVER-E module at this time.

If you have an ESP32-WROVER-E you must use the Espressif esptool.py and espefuse.py tools to setup and install the firmware to be compatible with the VT132

# Note:

  • The DEVICE RESET function on the LOGS & CONSOLE screen does not work with the VT132
  • When you click INSTALL on the Confirm Installation dialog
    • it will say Preparing installation and wait for the ESP32 to enter bootloader mode
    • you will need to manually set the ESP32 into bootloader mode by:
      • pressing both the Reset and Prog buttons on the VT132, together
      • release the Reset button first, and about 1 second later
      • release the Prog button
  • If you abort an install by pressing the <ESC> key on you keyboard you may not be able to reconnect to the ESP32, with a message about the serial port is already open. You will need to reload the web page to release the serial port
Last Updated: 1/21/2023, 1:00:34 AM