Bill of Materials (Draft)


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Notes on the PCB

  • There is no resistor R15, it was removed from the design long ago and the resistors were never renumbered
  • There were 2 silk screen errors on the PCB (v3.4.1, fixed on v3.4.2 and later):
    1. the LED LA14 is incorrectly labeled as LS14
    2. the LED LD0 is labeled on the left of the LED and should be labeled above as per LD1-LD7
  • There is a 5x2 group of through-holes marked Spare that nothing gets soldered into
  • There are two groups of 8x1 through-holes that are unmarked (one above LRN1 and one below RN1) that nothing gets soldered into

Through Hole (THT) components

Part Quantity PCB Description
LED Red 5mm 44 (45 packed) LO0-7, LS0-7, LA0-15, LD0-7, LIE1, LRN1, LWT1, LHT1

LED Red 5mm

LEDs have polarity, ie. they must be inserted the correct way around to function properly (see assembly guide).
Resistor 3K 44 (45 packed) R16-59

Resistor 3K ohm [Orange, Black, Red, Gold]

One for each LED. The value 3K ohm was selected because it gives a reasonable brightness to the LEDs. If you want super-bright you can go down to 220 ohm. If you want the LEDs to be more dim, you can always substitute a higher value for these resistors.
Resistor 10K 14 (15 packed) R1-12,14; R13 (back)

Resistor 10K ohm [Brown, Black, Orange, Gold]

Resistor Network 6x10K 1 RN1 (back)

Resistor Network 6x10K ohm

Pin 1 is indicated on the component by a white dot and on the PCB by the square pad.
Capacitor 100nF 17 (18 packed) C1, 3-12, 17; C2, 13-16 (back)

Capacitor 100nF (0.1μF, 104)

These are the only capacitors in the kit, so all the capacitors have the same value. Keeps it simple.
Transistor 1 Q1 (back)

S8050 NPN Transistor (TO-92-3)

This component and its associated resistor R13 are optional. They allow the ESP32 to be flashed over USB without removing it from the connectors. They only do something if you add extra "bodge" wires to the ESP32 board and connect these to the Boot->DTR/RTS pins.
74HC595 6 U1-6


8-bit serial in/out Shift Register 3-State Outputs
74HC165 4 U7-10


Shift Register 8-bit, parallel load
MAX3232 1 U11 (back)


Low-Power, up to 1Mbps, True RS-232 Transceivers Using Four 0.1μF External Capacitors (C13-16)
16pin DIP Socket 11 (U1-11)

16 pin DIP Socket

One for each IC, U1-11
DE9 Male Socket 2 RS232-1,2 (back)

DE9 (DB9) Male Socket

Currently only RSR232-1 can be used as SIO1, without hardware handshaking . Future work to enable SIO2 &/or hardware handshaking on SIO1.
Header 4x2 Male 1 Boot (back)

Header 4x2 Male

Using the provided shunt-jumpers you can set low level boot options via this header (future, currently not active)
Header 8x2 Male 2 Patch, Comms (back)

Header 8x2 Male

Using the provided shunt-jumpers you can configure the RS232 serials comms via these two headers
Connector 20x1 Female 2 ESP32 (back)

Connector 20x1 Female

These two connectors form a socket for mounting the ESP32-PICO-KIT board
Header 20x1 Male 1

Header 20x1 Male

This header is not soldered to the PCB. It is supplied for a few uses. 1) A pair of 3 pin headers, cut off and soldered to the unpopulated header pin holes on ESP32 (see assembly guide). 2) An 8 pin header, cut off and used if a uSD daughter card is required to replaced a damaged uSD Card Socket. The remaining pins are spare.
Tactile Switch 1 Reset

Tactile Switch SPST-NO

This reset switch is redundant as the ESP32 has its own reset press-button switch, but I like to have it. It allows the device to be reset by pushing a pencil/pen tip through an air vent hole in the side of the lid, rather than having to look around the back to find the tiny switch on the ESP32

Surface Mount Device (SMD) components

Don't Panic

  • Yes there are two SMD components!
  • You can do it!
  • You can do it with a regular soldering iron, but you are going to need flux (see assembly guide and tools)
Part Quantity PCB Description

PSRAM 64Mb (8M x 8) SPI/ QPI SOP-8_150mil

microSD socket 1 uSD Card

microSD Card Socket

Rocker Switches

Part Quantity PCB Description
Red Power On-On 1 S1

Red Power Switch (On-On)

Blue Rocker Mom-off-Mom 3 S2, S4, S6

Blue Rocker (Mom-off-Mom)

Red Rocker Mom-off-Mom 2 S3, S5

Red Rocker (Mom-off-Mom)

Blue Rocker On-On 8 SA4-7, SA12-15

Blue Rocker (On-On)

Red Rocker On-On 8 SA0-3, SA8-11

Red Rocker (On-On)

Miscellaneous components

Part Quantity PCB Description
ESP32_Pico_DevKit 1 ESP32 (back)


Look closely and you will see that 3 of the pinout through-holes on each side are unpopulated (at the end where the antenna is, opposite end to the micro-USB connector). These need to be populated with 0.1" pitch male header pins (provided in the strip of 20 above). These enable the PSRAM, soldered on the PCB, to be accessed by the ESP32.
microSD 16GB Memory_Card 1

microSD 16GB Memory Card

Shunt-Jumper 8


Test Lead 1

Test lead

Used to test LEDs during assembly, but not used in the final assembled kit
Velcro hook tape Velcro loop tape 120mm x 25mm

Black Velcro adhesive backed hook & loop tape

Used to mount the Charcoal grey hammer tone painted acrylic switch surround to the Black acrylic LED/switch masking plate.


Mounting hardware

Part Quantity PCB Description
M4x30 Hex Socket Screw 8

M4x30mm Hex Socket Screw

Spacer 8mm 8

Spacer 8mm Nylon

The 8mm spacers fit on the M4x30mm Hex Socket Screws in front of the PCB, between the PCB and the 3mm Black acrylic LED/switch masking plate
Spacer 6mm 8

Spacer 6mm Nylon

The 6mm spacers fit on the M4x30mm Hex Socket Screws behind the PCB, between the PCB and the 3mm Clear acrylic back cover
M4 Hex Nut Nylon 8

M4 Hex Nut Nylon

M3x12 Machine Screw 4

M3x12mm Black Machine Screw

M3 Nut 4

M3 Nut

Acrylic parts


Most pieces of acrylic have a protective backing cover (plastic or paper) to protect them from scratching during cutting and transportation. This should be removed before you use them in the assembly of the kit.

If any of the following acrylic parts, especially the clear parts, appear white or any colour other than indicated, it is because they have a protective covering.

Part Quantity Description
Clear acrylic front cover 1

6mm Clear acrylic front cover

Charcoal grey acrylic switch surround 1

6mm Charcoal grey hammer tone painted acrylic switch surround

White text/decals on Black facia over transparent red filter 1


3.0mm White text/decals on Black facia over a transparent red filter

Black acrylic LED/switch masking plate 1

3mm Black acrylic LED/switch masking plate

Clear acrylic back cover 1

3mm Clear acrylic back cover

Blue aluminium lid 1


3mm Blue aluminium lid

LED Spacer/Switch Alignment guide 1

3mm Black acrylic LED spacer & switch alignment guide (8 slots)

LED alignment guide 1

3mm Black acrylic LED alignment guide (8 round holes)

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