# Build notes

# Hi-resolution image of the finished PCB

The following image has a resolution of 3024x3024. Right click on the image and open in a new window/tab to see at a higher resolution.

Finished PCB

# Notes

The nearest thing to assembly instructions is the Bill-of-Materials

The PCB has all the components marked.

As a general guide, proceed in the order of the BOM, with the following notes:

  • use lots of flux on the SMDs
    • don't even attempt them without flux
    • a flux cored solder is not enough
  • the ESP32 module goes with the metal can face down in the cutout in the PCB
    • this holds it in position for soldering
    • see the image above.
  • the two SOIC package SMD ICs are the hardest ones to orientate correctly
    • read their data sheets on how to identify pin 1
    • the location for pin 1 is marked clearly on the PCB silkscreen
  • once you've soldered the SMDs, most people use a rule of thumb:
    • to solder the through-hole components starting with the lowest/shortest/closest to the board
    • then moving up through to the tallest components last
  • use a multimeter to measure the resistance and correctly identify the resistors
  • use masking/painters tape to hold things in place if you need an extra pair of hands
  • don't solder the DIP-16 ICs directly to the PCB, use the sockets
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